German import prices

4Q 2022 GDP Growth in Many Economies Reported This Last Day of February

February 28, 2023

The dollar is little changed aside from a gain of 0.4% against the yen and a 0.3% drop versus sterling. Ten-year sovereign debt yields have risen six basis points in Germany, France, Italy and Spain and by two bps in the United States and Great Britain. Share prices have been resilient today, considering the rise […] More

Heavy Data Menu, Updated IMF World Economic Outlook, and the FOMC Begins Two-Day Policy Review

January 31, 2023

On this last day of January, the weighted DXY dollar index has edged 0.1% higher but will post its fourth monthly decline in a row. Overnight dollar rises were strongest against the the Aussie dollar (0.9%), kiwi (0.6%), and sterling and loonie (both up 0.4%), but the euro slid only 0.1%, the Swiss franc is […] More

Investors Heartened by Unconfirmed Social Media Reports that Chinese Covid Restrictions Will Be Relaxed Soon

November 1, 2022

Stock markets in the Pacific Rim soared 5.2% in Hong Kong, 2.6% in China, 1.7% in Australia, 1.8% in South Korea, and 1.2% in Singapore. Japan’s Nikkei firmed only 0.3%, by contrast, but equities in German, France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy are all trading 1-2% higher so far today. U.S. future point to a […] More

Focus on European Data Releases and Lessening Covid Restrictions in China on this U.S. Memorial Day

May 30, 2022

Following Friday’s strong advance in U.S. equities, share prices in the Pacific Rim went up today by a sharp 2.1% in Hong Kong and Taiwan, 2.2% in Japan, 1.9% in India, 1.5% in Australia and 1.2% in South Korea. There have also been gains so far of 0.6% in the German and French stock markets […] More

Concerns about Corporate Earnings

April 29, 2022

Led by the tech sector especially pre-open declines of nearly 10% in Amazon and 2.5% in Apple, U.S. stock futures are lower on this final trading session of the difficult month of April. Amazon reported a quarterly drop in earnings, and Apple warned of persistent supply delays. Having touched a 19-year weighted high on Thursday, […] More

Dollar Strengthens on Day after Big Drop in Stocks

September 29, 2021

The DXY weighted dollar index rose 0.2% to an 11-month high overnight. Equities in the Pacific Rim picked up the baton from North America’s losing session the day before, dropping 2.1% in Japan, 1.8% in China, 1.9% in Taiwan, 1.2% in South Korea and 1.1% in Australia. However, European markets have mustered rebounds so far […] More

Powell Speech in 15 Minutes on a Data-Heavy Day

August 27, 2021

Fed Chairman Powell addresses the Jackson Hole Central Bank Symposium at 10 EDT. Markets have been comparatively flat, awaiting what Powell has to say regarding the tapering of Fed bond purchases and what officials anticipate for U.S. growth and inflation. The trade-weighted dollar has edged 0.1% higher. U.S. personal income in July, which had been […] More

Concerns Over Delta Covid Strains Weigh on European Equities

June 28, 2021

Net overnight movements in the dollar have been marginal and mixed, with dips of 0.5% versus the Turkish lira and 0.2% relative to sterling and upticks of 0.3% verus the Mexican peso, 0.2% against the Swiss franc and 0.1% vis-a-vis the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand dollars. The U.S. currency is unchanged against the yen, […] More

Across-the-Board Strength in the Dollar Early this Friday

May 28, 2021

Prior to today’s release of U.S. data, the dollar had advanced 1.3% against the Turkish lira, 0.6% versus the Swiss franc and Australian¬† dollar, 0.4% vis-a-vis the loonie, peso and weighted DXY index, 0.2% versus the yen, and 0.3% against the euro and sterling. U.S. stock futures had extended yesterday’s gain by around 0.5%, and […] More

Dollar Firms…. Trump Wants Big Changes in Pandemic Relief Bill

December 23, 2020

The dollar rose overnight by 0.5% against the Swiss franc, 0.4% versus the euro, Aussie and New Zealand currencies and Mexican peso, and 0.2% relative to the yen, loonie, and sterling. Stocks also rebounded, with Asian gains of 1.0% in India and South Korea, 0.9% in Hong Kong, 0.8% in China, 0.3% in Japan, and […] More