National Bank of Hungary

Full Percentage Point Hike of National Bank of Hungary’s Base Rate Exceeds Expectations

March 22, 2022

According to a statement released today by Hungary’s Monetary Policy Council, The outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war has led to a further increase in upside risks to inflation: continued rises in commodity and energy prices point to a persistently high external inflation environment. In addition, elevated inflation may persist for longer as a domestic inflationary […] More

Magyar Nemzeti Bank Tightens Hungarian Monetary Policy Stance Further

February 22, 2022

Hungary’s central bank policy interest rate has been raised by another half percentage point to 3.4%, matching the increase done in January. From a base of 0.60% through May 2021, the rate was raised in each of the final seven months of last year by a combined 180 basis points. CPI inflation accelerated from 2.2% […] More

Markets Unsure How to React after Putin Sends Troops into Breakaway Regions of Eastern Ukraine

February 22, 2022

Investors don’t know if Putin’s move is the opening round of a full-scale invasion. Putin’s provocation has elicited push-back from Western allies, who aren’t waiting for the Russian leader to expose all his cards. Germany has halted work on the Nord Stream 2 oil pipeline. U.S. President Biden is tightening economic sanctions against Russia. Equities […] More

50-Basis Point Central Bank Rate Hike in Hungary Beats Forecasts

January 25, 2022

The National Bank of Hungary unexpectedly stepped up its pace of interest rate normalization this month, lifting the base rate by a half percentage point to 2.9%, a 97-month high. This was the eighth consecutive monthly increase. From a starting base rate level of 0.6%, there had previously been two increases of 15 basis points […] More

Equities Trying to Rebound and Dollar Slips a Bit Ahead of Wednesday’s FOMC Announcement

September 21, 2021

The dollar is down 0.15% against the DXY weighted index. Dollar/yen is unchanged from Monday’s closing level, and the greenback lost 0.1% overnight against the euro and sterling and 0.4% relative to the loonie and Swiss franc. U.S. stocks had suffered their steepest daily loss on Monday since May, and share prices in other markets […] More

A Third Central Bank Interest Rate Hike in Hungary

August 24, 2021

As was expected, the National Bank of Hungary’s base rate was lifted another 30 basis points at this month’s review of monetary policy. Such follows similar hikes made in June and July and brings the rate level to 0.90%, its highest level since mid-2015. In 2020, two cuts of 15 basis points each had been […] More

30-Basis Point Hike in Hungary’s Central Bank Base Rate

June 22, 2021

Today’s rate hike at the National Bank of Hungary from 0.60% to 0.90% reverses a pair of 15-basis point reductions in June and July of 2020 and represents the first increase since a 50 basis point move to 7.0% in December 2011. The backdrop to today’s action is inflation (now 5.1%) that is above the […] More

Dollar Slips to Lowest Level Since First Week of 2021

May 25, 2021

Several Fed officials speaking yesterday reaffirmed commitment to current stance for some time longer. In response, the dollar fell 0.4% against the euro, 0.2% versus the Swiss franc, Australian dollar, Chinese yuan, Mexican peso, and its weighted index, and by 0.1% relative to the loonie and sterling. The dollar also firmed 0.1% against the Japanese […] More

Dollar Up on Day with Two Large News Developments

July 23, 2019

Boris Johnson, who favors a very hard U.K. break with the EU, was selected as the new leader of the British Conservative Party and will thus succeed Theresa May tomorrow as primeĀ  minister. This development greatly increases the likelihood that Britain will leave the European Union by October 31 without any negotiated terms. U.S. congressional […] More

Hungary Gets First Central Bank Interest Rate Hike in Since December 2011

March 26, 2019

The Monetary Council of Magyar Nemzeti Bank chose a time when many central banks including the Fed and ECB have turned more dovish to implement its first interest rate hike since a 50-basis point increase of the Base Rate way back in December 2011. That rate is now just 0.90% and was not changed at […] More