Fresh Distractions

December 18, 2014

The Yellen press conference gave reassurance to a market unsure of the direction of Fed policy, and it triggered strong gains in stocks and the dollar plus a rebound in long-term interest rates.  But now the market has moved on to new distractions. The Swiss National Bank at an unscheduled meeting and just a week […] More

Persistent Fears about Ukraine Crisis Weaken Equities

May 7, 2014

Investors are tired of the America’s speak-loudly-but-carry-a-small-stick approach to the Ukraine crisis and other geopolitical hotspots, and frustration has been vented on equities, which also have been hurt by uninspiring corporate earnings this season.  Japan’s Nikkei tumbled 2.9%.  Equity losses elsewhere amount to 1.1% in Hong Kong, 1.0% in South Korea and Italy, 0.9% in […] More

European Equity Blues

April 8, 2014

Russian President Putin is at it again, accusing Ukraine of fomenting civil war in its eastern regions and apparently moving toward annexation of more Ukrainian territory into the Russian orbit of influence.  Geopolitical risk depressed stocks in Europe by a further 1.6% in Spain, 1.4% in Italy, 0.9% in France and Britain and 0.8% in […] More