Manufacturing PMI surveys

Rout of Stocks and Bonds Intensifies, Sending the Dollar to Fresh Two-Decade High

September 1, 2022

Manufacturing purchasing manager surveys for August showcased real-sector pain from elevated inflation and supply delays. Such also reveal some progress on the inflation front (but not enough so for central bankers to halt their counter-attack to restore price stability). Equity markets in the Pacific Rim fell by 2.3% in South Korea, 2.0% in Australia, 1.9% […] More

August Kicks Off With Signs of a Global Slowdown and a Further Drop in the Dollar

August 1, 2022

The dollar fell overnight by a further 0.5% on a weighted basis and is 3.6% below last month’s multi-decade high. Dollar losses so far this Monday amount to 2.0% against the kiwi, 1.0% versus the yen, 0.7% relative to the Australian dollar, 0.6% vis-a-vis sterling, 0.4% against the euro and peso, and 0.2% versus the […] More

Hawkish Remark from Powell and Plenty of More Data to Absorb as December Kicks Off

December 1, 2021

Fed Chairman Powell signaled that a faster tapering of Fed quantitative stimulus will be considered at this month’s FOMC meeting. The U.S. economy is showing resilience, and the risk is rising of higher inflation expectations. The dollar dipped 0.1% on a weighted basis overnight. Equities, 10-year sovereign debt yields, and the prices of oil and […] More

Dollar Loses More Ground as Trump’s Reelection Prospects Improve

September 1, 2020

On the heels of a weak performance in August, the dollar fell another 0.8% against sterling overnight and also lost 0.5% relative to the euro, kiwi, and peso, 0.4% versus the yuan, 0.3% vis-a-vis the loonie, and 0.1% against the yen and Australian dollar. It also costs more dollars today than yesterday to buy commodities […] More

Mounting Evidence of Slower Growth in Europe and Japan

March 1, 2019

Stock markets rallied in Asia on hopes for a U.S.-Chinese trade deal soon. Share prices climbed Friday by 1.8% in China, 1.3% in Hong Kong, 1.0% in Japan, 0.9% in Indonesia and 0.6% in India. The black sheep was South Korean equities, which dropped 1.8% further following the collapsed U.S./North Korean denuclearization talks. Equities in […] More

Continuing Parade of March Purchasing Managers Surveys

April 3, 2018

While many markets had remained shut for Easter Monday, U.S. equities plunged yesterday, led by technology issues. Today in earlier trading, markets have paused comparatively speaking. Stocks closed down only 0.8% in China, 0.6% in Taiwan, and 0.5% in Japan and Singapore, and the Hang Seng rose 0.8%. Likewise, stocks in Europe have fallen 0.9% […] More

A British PMI Surprise and Trump Sticks It to Mexico

September 1, 2016

The British manufacturing purchasing managers index rebounded sharply from a 41-month low of 48.3 in July to a 10-month high of 53.3 in August. Brexit fears are receding either because a favorable reassessment of its near-term threat or because of confidence the macroeconomic stimulus will amply counter Brexit’s drag. Sterling advanced 0.8% against the dollar […] More

Tankan, Manufacturing PMIs, and U.S. Jobless Claims Data Released

October 1, 2015

The dollar traded up 0.4% against the Swiss franc and 0.2% against the euro but has declined by 0.8% versus the Aussie dollar, 0.7% relative to the kiwi, 0.4% vis-a-vis the loonie and 0.1% against the yen and sterling.  The yuan remained unchanged. After a difficult September, Comex gold is unchanged at $1,115.03 per ounce. […] More

Euro Rose on the First Business Day of March

March 2, 2015

The dollar kicked off a new month with gains of 0.5% against the kiwi, 0.4% relative to the Australian dollar, 0.3% against sterling, 0.2% versus the yuan, loonie and Swiss franc, and 0.1% vis-a-vis the yen but loss of 0.3% against the euro. The 12-month rate of consumer price decline in the eurozone was halved […] More

Manufacturing Gap Between the United States and Euroland Narrowed Last Month

February 3, 2015

The U.S. minus Ezone factory purchasing managers spread fell to 2.5 points in January from 4.5 points in December and 7.5 points in November.  This was the smallest manufacturing gap between the two economies in nine months.  A sharp depreciation of the euro, which in January averaged $1.162 or 16% less than in March-April of […] More