British labor market data

U.S. CPI Figures about to Be Released

November 14, 2023

Analysts expect to learn of a further dip in U.S. inflation last month shortly. While waiting for confirmation, financial markets around the world marked time overnight. Dollar changes against other major currencies were held to plus or minus 0.2%. U.S. stock futures are likewise steady. Share prices in the Pacific Rim closed up 0.3% in […] More

Euroland & Japanese GDP Released Before U.S. Consumer Prices

February 14, 2023

On this significant data release day, investors already have perused fourth-quarter GDP figures for many economies, British labor market statistics, and Swiss and Indian producer prices. Now they await the January U.S. CPI report. In financial market action, the dollar fell overnight by 0.6% against sterling, 0.4% versus the euro, 0.3% relative to the Australian […] More

Corrective Dollar Move Extended

July 19, 2022

The weighted DXY dollar index slid another 0.8% overnight to a 2-week low and is 2.6% below its recent multi-decade peak. Dollar losses since Monday’s close equal or exceed 1.0% relative to the euro, Swiss franc, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar and especially the Russian ruble (-5.8%). The dollar also lost 0.6% versus sterling and […] More

Xi/Biden, Central Banking Signals, and a Big Line-Up of U.S. Data Releases Today

November 16, 2021

The virtual summit between the Presidents of China and the United States exceeded three hours. The talks were reportedly civil but didn’t yield newsworthy compromises on the key contentious issues. The Fed and Bank of England seem closer to an interest rate lift-off than the European Central Bank or Bank of Japan. Minutes published from […] More