Bank of Russia

A Shift from Fixed Income Assets Into Stocks

September 14, 2018

The second week of September came and went without the feared announcement of much higher U.S. tariffs. Even though that danger remains looking ahead, there’s been a return ot riskier assets. Share prices in the Pacific Rim rose 1.2% in Japan today, 1.0% in Hong Kong and Singapore, 1.3% in Indonesia and Taiwan, and 1.4% […] More

Bank of Russia Retains 7.25% Main Interest Rate

June 15, 2018

Russian monetary easing is on pause. The rate had been last cut by 25 basis points in both February and March and before that by a full percentage point during March-June of 2017 and 125 basis points during the final quarter of last year. But after leaving the one-week repo rate at 7.25% following this […] More

More Trouble

June 15, 2018

President Trump has approved a 25% tariff on $50 billion of Chinese imports. The Bank of Japan gave a gloomier assessment of inflation, downgrading its range to 0.5-1.0% from around 1.0% and observing that medium-term and long-term inflation expectations aren’t escaping a deflationary mindset. Policy settings were left unchanged, and an extremely accommodative stance seemingly […] More

A 25-Basis Point Cut in the Bank of Russia’s Main Interest Rate to 7.5%

February 12, 2018

During calendar 2017, a combination of three 50-basis point central bank interest rate reductions including one in December and three other cuts of 25 basis points lowered the rate to 7.75% from 10.0%. For this year’s first easing, officials chose a 25-basis point increment but released a statement that observed a significant current shortfall of […] More

Bank of Russia

December 15, 2017

Russia’s key monetary policy rate has been reduced by a greater-than-expected 50 basis points to 7.75%. A main reason why central bank officials were able to slice 50 basis points from their interest rate as they did in September and April rather than 25 bps was was done in October, June, and March is related […] More

Bank of Russia

October 27, 2017

The fifth cut so far in 2017 in Russia’s central bank interest rate, this time to 8.25% from 8.50%, was announced today. The previous four reductions totaled 150 basis points, and previous cuts amounted to six percentage points during the first seven months of 2015 and 100 basis points last year. All in all, the […] More

Stronger Yen and Dollar ahead of U.S. GDP Figures

October 27, 2017

The earliest estimate of U.S. third-quarter GDP growth gets released shortly. Forecasters anticipate similar growth to the 3.1% result in 2Q. The dollar meanwhile has continued to strengthen against the euro (0.3% overnight) in response to contrasting monetary policies. Trump is expected to replace Yellen with a more hawkish person to lead the Fed, while yesterday’s […] More

Bank of Russia Eases

September 15, 2017

The fourth central bank interest rate cut of 2017 was made today, but the new policy rate level, 8.5%, still constitutes a “moderately tight stance” according to a released statement. Inflation now is close to the 4% target and well below the policy interest rate level. Furthermore, expected inflation has declined. However, officials do not […] More

Bank of Russia’s Interest Rate Left at 9.0%

July 28, 2017

The interest rate previously had been cut this year by 25 basis points in March, 50 bps in April and 25 bps in June, but a released statement observes “The decline of inflation expectations has come to a halt, consistent with predictions, in response to price movements in a number of products and services. In order to maintain inflation close to the 4% target, the Bank of Russia […] More

Another Russian Central Bank Interest Rate Cut

April 28, 2017

The Bank of Russia’s 50-basis point key interest rate cut to 9.25% decided today is larger than analysts were expected. Officials justified the decision by noting that inflation fell sharply last quarter to 4.3% (not far above the 4.0% target). Expected inflation is also lower, growth is positive, and real interest rates remain positive even […] More