Italian business sentiment

Robust Sentiment Indices

June 25, 2021

The dollar posted fractional losses overnight, dipping 0.1% on balance against the euro, yen, loonie, Swiss franc, Aussie dollar, New Zealand dollar, and on a DXY weighted basis. The dollar also fell 0.3% versus the Chinese yuan, Mexican peso, and Turkish lira. Equity markets advanced 1.4% in Hong Kong, 1.2% in China and 0.7% in […] More

Firmer Stocks, Dollar and Yen

May 28, 2014

Share prices have risen 1.0% in China and South Korea, 0.7% in New Zealnad and Taiwan, 0.6% in Hong Kong, 0.4% in Indonesia, and 0.3% in Australia.  In Europe, equities so far are up 0.8% in Italy, 0.3% in Spain, and 0.1% in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Zurich. The dollar is 0.1% softer against the […] More

Focus Returns to Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

December 27, 2012

European markets reopened after the Christmas recess.  Obama is back from Hawaii, and Congress resumes fiscal cliff talks today.  There’s no hope of a “grand bargain.”  Analysts are instead looking for some kind of short-term truce to buy time in January, but so far, neither House Republicans nor the Democrats show a predisposition to compromise […] More

Steady Dollar

June 27, 2012

The dollar is unchanged from Tuesday’s closing levels against the euro and Swiss franc, up 0.1% relative to the yen, loonie and sterling, and 0.1% lower versus the yuan and Australian and New Zealand dollars. The 10-year German bund is five basis points higher after Egan-Jones downgraded German credit to a rating of A+ from […] More