German and British consumer confidence

Robust Sentiment Indices

June 25, 2021

The dollar posted fractional losses overnight, dipping 0.1% on balance against the euro, yen, loonie, Swiss franc, Aussie dollar, New Zealand dollar, and on a DXY weighted basis. The dollar also fell 0.3% versus the Chinese yuan, Mexican peso, and Turkish lira. Equity markets advanced 1.4% in Hong Kong, 1.2% in China and 0.7% in […] More

Bombardment of Horrific Data Reported Today Around the World

April 23, 2020

There were 4.427 million new U.S. jobless insurance claims last week. The 5.787 million average of new claims in theĀ  past four weeks is up from an average of 2.898 million in the prior four-week period and just 210,750 per week during the four weeks through February 22. Continuing jobless insurance claims of 15.976 million […] More