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A Turn for the Worse in Ukraine and Lots of Data to Peruse

August 28, 2014

Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine stepped up their attacks, seizing more territory.  Ukraine’s prime minister called the act a de facto invasion by Russia.  Harsher European economic sanctions on Russia appears the likely response. The main market reaction has been in stocks, bonds and gold, not the dollar The U.S. currency is unchanged overnight against the […] More

Wednesday Hinges on Three U.S. Releases

July 30, 2014

U.S. GDP is not expected to do more than reverse the first-quarter contraction, which would leave first-half growth flat.  Annual data revision introduce extra uncertainty. The ADP estimate of private U.S. jobs growth in July will affect expectations of this Friday’s Labor Department monthly jobs report. At 18:00 GMT, the FOMC will release of the […] More

Firmer Stocks, Dollar and Yen

May 28, 2014

Share prices have risen 1.0% in China and South Korea, 0.7% in New Zealnad and Taiwan, 0.6% in Hong Kong, 0.4% in Indonesia, and 0.3% in Australia.  In Europe, equities so far are up 0.8% in Italy, 0.3% in Spain, and 0.1% in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Zurich. The dollar is 0.1% softer against the […] More

Data Focus on Europe

April 29, 2014

European stocks have risen 1.5% in Italy, 1.2% in Germany, 0.9% in Spain, 0.5% in Britain and Switzerland and 0.5% in France.  Equities in the Pacific Rim were mixed, with gains of 1.1% in China, 1.5% in Hong Kong, 0.7% in Taiwan and 0.6% in New Zealand but losses of 1.0% in Japan, 0.9% in […] More

A Market Dominated by Fiscal Cliff Perceptions

November 29, 2012

Investors want to believe that the full brunt of the U.S. fiscal cliff is going to be somehow averted.  The evidence on that possibility continues to be mixed, but a better appetite for risk today is evident. Chinese share prices, down by a further 0.6% to a four-year low, have been an exception.  However, worries […] More

Summit Time and the Living Ain’t Easy

June 28, 2012

Another summit of EU leaders has begun in Brussels amid dampened market expectations that anything very constructive will emerge to end the debt and banking crisis.  German officials remain adamant in resisting new initiatives.  Speculation continues that the ECB will cut interest rates next week.  Just in is an announcement from the Czech monetary authorities […] More

Euro Above $1.3600

September 29, 2010

The dollar is 0.3% weaker against the euro, Australian dollar and Canadian dollar.  The greenback also lost 0.2% against the yen and 0.1% relative to the Chinese yuan but edged up 0.1% versus the Swiss franc.  Sterling and the kiwi are unchanged against the dollar. Equities rose 1.2% in Hong Kong, 1.1% in Thailand, 0.7% […] More