Ezone M3

Japanese CPI, German IFO and Russian Rate Hike Fail to Move Dollar Much

July 25, 2014

The dollar is unchanged against the yuan and sterling and firmer by 0.3% relative to the kiwi, 0.2% versus the loonie, and 0.1% against the euro, Swissie, Australian dollar and yen. Share prices rose 1.1% in Japan and China, 0.4% in New Zealand and South Korea, and 0.3% in Hong Kong, but they have fallen […] More

Firmer Stocks, Dollar and Yen

May 28, 2014

Share prices have risen 1.0% in China and South Korea, 0.7% in New Zealnad and Taiwan, 0.6% in Hong Kong, 0.4% in Indonesia, and 0.3% in Australia.  In Europe, equities so far are up 0.8% in Italy, 0.3% in Spain, and 0.1% in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Zurich. The dollar is 0.1% softer against the […] More

UN/U.S. Missile Strike in Syria Appears Just a couple Days Away

August 28, 2013

Markets continue to be rattled by the additional uncertainty of what escalating western military involvement in Syria will cause.  Although opinion polls show four in five Americans opposed to military retaliation, a missile attack by Thursday is believed likely. Share prices fell 3.0% in the Philippines, 2.5% in Vietnam, 1.6% in Hong Kong, 1.5% in […] More