Bank of England minutes

Weaker Dollar Especially against the Ozzie and Sterling

April 22, 2015

The Australian dollar has risen 1.2% against its U.S. counterpart, buoyed by Aussie first-quarter CPI data that showed core inflation falling no further and remaining above 2.0% target floor. Sterling was lifted 0.7% against the dollar by Bank of England April 8-9 minutes that revealed not only a unanimous 9-0 vote for no change but […] More

Senate Vote Fall Short of 60 Needed to Approve Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

November 19, 2014

The dollar advanced overnight by 1.0% against the Australian dollar, 0.8% versus the kiwi, 0.7% relative to the yen, and 0.4% vis-a-vis the loonie.  The dollar is unchanged against the yuan and down 0.2% relative to sterling and 0.1% against the euro and Swissie. Equities in the Pacific Rim rose 1.2% in Taiwan, 0.6% in […] More

Focus on Lessening Inflation

October 22, 2014

The latest monthly economic assessment from Japan’s government downgraded its view on consumer prices from “rising moderately” to “rising at a slower tempo recently.”  The overall view of the economy also was downgraded to “is on a moderate recovery, while weakness can be seen recently.” Australian third-quarter consumer price data revealed the smallest quarter-on-quarter rise […] More

Aussie Dollar Lifted by Higher-than-Forecast CPI

July 23, 2014

Australian consumer prices climbed 0.5% on quarter and to a nine-quarter high of 3.0% on year, which coincides with the 2-3% target ceiling.  The trimmed mean measure of core CPI inflation rose to 2.9% from 2.6% in the first quarter and final quarter of 2013.  There seems little chance of a further monetary policy easing, […] More

Awaiting U.S. Retail Sales, Consumer Price Data, and FOMC Minutes

November 20, 2013

After predictably dovish remarks from Ben Bernanke, the soon-to-be ex-Fed Chairman, the dollar has ticked down 0.2% against the euro, Swiss franc, Australian dollar and sterling.  The yen is unchanged following report of another large trade deficit, and the kiwi has risen 0.2% after higher-than-expected New Zealand producer price figures.  The yuan is also unchanged […] More

Bank of England Grabs Some Attention while Investors Await FOMC Decision

September 18, 2013

At 18:00 GMT, the FOMC will release new projections and reveal its decision on tapering asset purchases.  Chairman Bernanke’s press conference begins at 18:30 GMT (14:15 EDT).  Analysts have scaled back forecasts of the QE reduction to $10 billion per month, but market whisper numbers of a cut of just $5 billion have lately circulated. […] More

Mostly Marking Time Ahead of FOMC Revelations

June 19, 2013

The recent trend toward a firmer yen got a boost from Japanese trade data.  The yen touched overnight highs of 94.82 per dollar and 127.04 per yen, but the net appreciation against the U.S. currency from Tuesday’s close was only 0.2%.  Other dollar changes have been similarly contained, with no net movement against the euro, […] More

Fresh Wave of European Anxiety

April 17, 2013

After constructive sessions overnight in Asian trading, European stocks again hit the skids.  The dollar is up and commodities are lower.  There have been unconfirmed speculation that German debt might suffer a rating downgrade. Construction output in the euro area fell 0.8% in February on top of a 2.1% slump in January.  Construction had contracted […] More

Eye on the U.K.

January 23, 2013

Sterling hasn’t reacted much to news out of Britain, edging 0.1% higher against the dollar. Prime Minister Cameron’s delayed speech on Britain’s relationship to the EU promised an in/out referendum by December 2017 if Conservatives are reelected.  He like Britain to stay in the EU but only if the rules of its relationship to the […] More

Weaker Yen

November 21, 2012

The yen fell 0.8% against the dollar to another multi-month low following the release of dismal Japanese trade figures. The U.S. Treasury market will shut early for Thanksgiving.  Many U.S. workers will take an extra day off on Friday. The dollar otherwise is unchanged against the euro, Swissie, yuan and loonie.  The greenback is 0.4% […] More