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Fed Expected to Announce Interest Rate Cut Today But Forward Guidance Uncertain

September 18, 2019

Investors will be focused not on what actions the Fed implements today but rather on what is said about future monetary policy where FOMC voting members appear divided. Macroeconomic forecasts will be updated, and Chairman Powell will hold a press conference afterward. The dollar has been decently bid today, with gains overnight amounting to 0.4% […] More

Lessening Inflation in Europe and Some Significant Meetings

April 18, 2018

Japanese Prime Minister Abe and President Trump are meeting in Florida. CIA Director Pompeo, who has been nominated by Trump to be Secretary of State, met secretly with North Korean President Kim Jong-Un, to decide arrangements for Kim’s historical talks next month with Trump. Investors perceive lessening geopolitical tension. British CPI inflation in March fell […] More

Softer Dollar and Yen

April 20, 2017

The dollar has rebounded 0.5% against the yen but has traded down 0.5% against the Australian dollar, 0.3% relative to the euro, peso and sterling, and 0.2% vis-a-vis the Swiss franc and kiwi. U.S. share prices opened a bit firmer. Japan’s Nikkei and the Shanghai composite index closed unchanged on Thursday. Stocks climbed 1.0% in […] More

Dollar Down, Commodities and Stocks Up, Fillon Wins

November 21, 2016

The rebound of oil was extended on reports of an improved chance that OPEC ministers will agree to cutting output at the scheduled meeting in Vienna at the end of this month. A 1.9% increase to $46.56 per barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude helped rally commodity prices in general. Gold at $1,215.60 per ounce […] More

Pick-Up in Flow of Data Creates New Trading Incentives

August 18, 2016

Wednesday had seen a lull in statistical releases and a commensurate lackluster trading day. Thursday’s been a more interesting day from both vantage points. Released figures include Japanese trade and machine tool orders, Euroland consumer prices, current account and construction output, British retail sales, Australian labor statistics, and Chinese property prices. Investors also are reacting […] More

Narrowly Mixed Dollar Ahead of FOMC Decision

September 17, 2015

There’s been an 8.3 earthquake off the coast of Chile and an ensuing tsunami.  In last night’s Republican debate, Trump’s rivals escalated their attacks on the front-runner. This FOMC day could produce the first federal funds rate hike since a 25-basis point increase in June 2006, so there’s excitement in the air.  A Janet Yellen […] More

Weaker Dollar Especially against the Ozzie and Sterling

April 22, 2015

The Australian dollar has risen 1.2% against its U.S. counterpart, buoyed by Aussie first-quarter CPI data that showed core inflation falling no further and remaining above 2.0% target floor. Sterling was lifted 0.7% against the dollar by Bank of England April 8-9 minutes that revealed not only a unanimous 9-0 vote for no change but […] More

Market-Friendly News

February 19, 2015

FOMC minutes released late Tuesday revealed Fed policymakers are in no hurry to raise the fed funds rate, suggesting the first move may be closer to September than June.  Concern centers on signal of tightening while inflation is close to 1%.  Another worry is the Greek debt crisis. The ECB releases minutes of its January […] More

There’s Greece, and There’s the Rest of the Euro Area

January 26, 2015

Markets reacted with concern to a resounding victory of the Leftist anti-austerity Syriza Party in Greek parliamentary elections over the weekend.  The 10-year Greek sovereign debt yield jumped 33 basis points, and Greek share prices have fallen 3.5% after initially losing 5.6%.  One member of the ECB Governing Council reiterated that there can be no […] More

Awaiting the FOMC Statement and Yellen’s Press Conference

December 17, 2014

Stocks are lower and the dollar is firmer ahead of today’s FOMC news and the release of some U.S. data.  There’s already been some central bank news in the U.K., Czech Republic and Thailand.  The Asian Development Bank bumped projected 2015 growth and inflation in developing Asia slightly lower, and Japanese trade data for November […] More