Greek elections

There’s Greece, and There’s the Rest of the Euro Area

January 26, 2015

Markets reacted with concern to a resounding victory of the Leftist anti-austerity Syriza Party in Greek parliamentary elections over the weekend.  The 10-year Greek sovereign debt yield jumped 33 basis points, and Greek share prices have fallen 3.5% after initially losing 5.6%.  One member of the ECB Governing Council reiterated that there can be no […] More

A Few Surprises

December 10, 2014

Chinese share prices rebounded 3.7% as CPI inflation falls to lowest level (1.4%) since November 2009.  Producer prices meanwhile posted their greatest on-year decline (2.7% after 2.2%) since May 2013, further encouraging investors to speculate about another central bank rate cut in the world’s second biggest economy. The 10-year Japanese JGB yield dipped under the […] More

Weekend Elections in Greece and France

June 15, 2012

Greek elections on Sunday have captivated the market’s attention.  G20 sources claim that central banks have contingency plans to handle inadequate market liquidity afterward.  Investors have to wonder if the reports are adequate and if officials really have the means to combat market volatility. France holds the second round of parliamentary elections on Sunday as […] More

Gloom about Europe Overshadowing Everything Else

May 9, 2012

The view is gaining support that Greece will soon abandon the euro, triggering a chain reaction that will spread to Spain and beyond.  IMF/EU/ECB aid monitors have scrapped plans to visit Greece this month pending clarification of that nation’s political situation.  It seems Greece may hold new elections on June 17, the same day as […] More