Australian consumer prices

Softer Dollar and Share Prices

July 25, 2018

The dollar fell 0.8% overnight against the peso and 0.5% versus the yuan, and it has slipped 0.3% against the loonie, 0.1% vis-a-vis the Australian dollar, and 0.2% relative to the yen, euro, Swiss franc, kiwi, and sterling. Share price losses amount to 0.3% in Taiwan and South Korea, 0.8% in the U.K., 0.6% in […] More

Dollar Retreats but European Stocks Rise Strongly

January 25, 2017

The dollar fell 0.6% against sterling, 0.5% relative to the yen, 0.4% vis-a-vis the loonie and kiwi and 0.3% against the euro, Swiss franc, yuan and Mexican peso. Yesterday’s tightening of Turkish monetary policy had a perverse effect on the lira, convincing investors that the currency is so vulnerable that more monetary restraint will be […] More

Price of Oil Softens Further

October 26, 2016

It appears that Russia will probably not join OPEC’s effort to cut production. In response, West Texas Intermediate crude oil fell another 1.4% to $49.25 per barrel. Stocks in Europe and the Pacific Rim have performed weakly overnight, depressed by a number of weaker-than-expected corporate earnings reports. Equities lost 1.5% in New Zealand and Australia, […] More

Spotlight Today Belongs to Central Banks

January 28, 2015

Financial markets await the FOMC statement due at 14:00 EST (19:00 GMT).  Meaningful changes are not anticipated.  No press conference is scheduled afterward. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) tweaked monetary policy after its first unscheduled policy meeting in thirteen years.  Ordinarily policy, which is oriented around the management of the currency rather than a […] More

Aussie Dollar Lifted by Higher-than-Forecast CPI

July 23, 2014

Australian consumer prices climbed 0.5% on quarter and to a nine-quarter high of 3.0% on year, which coincides with the 2-3% target ceiling.  The trimmed mean measure of core CPI inflation rose to 2.9% from 2.6% in the first quarter and final quarter of 2013.  There seems little chance of a further monetary policy easing, […] More

Kiwi Stronger

April 24, 2013

The New Zealand dollar, known as the kiwi, got a lift from the central bank policy statement.  Although the Official Cash Rate was left at 2.5% and the monetary policy outlook predicting the OCR will likely remain at that low level all year was also not changed, investors reacted to an upgraded assessment of New […] More

Eye on the U.K.

January 23, 2013

Sterling hasn’t reacted much to news out of Britain, edging 0.1% higher against the dollar. Prime Minister Cameron’s delayed speech on Britain’s relationship to the EU promised an in/out referendum by December 2017 if Conservatives are reelected.  He like Britain to stay in the EU but only if the rules of its relationship to the […] More


October 26, 2011

Results from today’s summit in Brussels of Euroland leaders are not expected until very late.  The summit is seen as a do-or-die moment for the common currency.  Even if officials managed to agree to more than investors anticipate, cynicism remains high that things will still fall apart in the future. The dollar rose 1.1% against […] More

Six Days and Counting

July 27, 2011

No discernible progress has been reported in the U.S. debt ceiling talks, yet markets are not falling apart. The dollar recovered 0.3% against the euro and edged up 0.1% against the yuan and sterling.  The dollar fell 0.2% against the yen and loonie but is unchanged against the Swiss franc.  Former Japanese Prime Minister Sakakibara […] More