Japanese election results

Sharply Weaker Yen

July 11, 2016

The yen lost 2.1% against the dollar, notching its biggest daily decline in 11-1/2 weeks. ┬áThere has not been reported intervention, but Sunday’s upper house parliamentary election, won strongly by Prime Minister Abe’s LDP Party, clears the way for more aggressive macroeconomic stimulus there. Half of the 242 seats in Japan’s House of Councillors were […] More

LDP-Komeito Coalition Secures Upper House Japanese Parliamentary Election

July 22, 2013

Prime Minister Abe’s party, the Liberal Democrats, will hold 115 of the 242 upper chamber seats.  The LDP’s junior partner, New Komeito, will hold 20 seats.  Thus the ruling coalition now controls a comfortable majority of 135 seats, up from 102 seats in the previous parliament.  The coalition will control key committees.  This marks the […] More

Transformative Election Results in Japan

December 17, 2012

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party captured 294 seats in the lower house of parliament, a massive gain from the 119 seats it held previously.  Along with New Komeito’s 31-seat total, the incoming coalition will control a “supermajority” of 325 seats, more than 2/3rds of the 480 seats in that legislative chamber, and that total will enable […] More