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More Central Banks Cut Interest Rates, Persistent Trade Tensions, and Lower Inflation

August 8, 2019

Central bank interest rates were cut by 25 basis points today in the Philippines and  Serbia. Earlier this week, rates had been reduced by central banks in India (35 bps), Thailand (25 bps), and New Zealand (50 bps).  The common thread in these moves is the trade war unleashed by U.S. President Trump, the weaker […] More

Divergent Equities in Europe and Asia

July 8, 2013

In the Pacific Rim, stocks dropped sharply by 3.7% in Indonesia, 2.8% in China and the Philippines, 1.3% in Hong Kong, 1.4% in Taiwan and 0.9% in South Korea and India.  Australian share prices closed 0.7% lower, and Japan’s Nikkei dropped 1.4%.  But in Europe, equities have risen 2.3% in Germany, 2.0% in France, 1.6% […] More