Euroland sentiment

Three Central Bank Meetings, Weaker Oil, and Several Data Releases

April 27, 2017

The dollar is up 0.5% against the kiwi, 0.4% relative to the loonie, and 0.3% against the euru and Aussie dollar but flat against sterling and softer versus the peso. Stocks are slightly lower in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Ten-year sovereign bond yields fell six basis points in Germany, France and Italy and by […] More

Brexit Worries Depress Sterling Against Euro

February 27, 2017

Sentiment toward Euroland was buoyed by French opinion polls and February economic sentiment data. Emmanuel Macron’s voter support in France improved. The final round of France’s presidential election is likely to pit the centrist Macron against the populist anti-EU National Front candidate, Le Pen. Economic sentiment in the euro zone edged 0.1 point higher to […] More

U.S. Jobs Day Culminates First Week of 2017

January 6, 2017

Prior to the Labor Dept report, the dollar showed overnight gains of 0.5% against the yen and sterling, 0.6% versus the yuan and 0.2% relative to the euro, Swissie and loonie. Lesser changes were recorded against the Aussie and New Zealand dollars. The Mexican peso was 0.4% higher. Ten-year German bund and British gilt yields […] More

Many Data Releases and a Drop in Oil

November 29, 2016

With Wednesday’s OPEC meeting in Vienna looming, WTI oil slumped 3.6% to $45.38 per barrel. No deal to control production has emerged so far. Gold and industrial metal prices are lower, too. The dollar weakened overnight by 0.7% against sterling and the kiwi and also dipped 0.2% against the yuan and 0.1% versus the euro. […] More

A Complicated and Contradictory Day of News

September 29, 2016

India announced it had delivered surgical strikes on militant terrorist camps just within Pakistan. Pakistan’s government is denying the accusation and India’s claim that the strike inflicted heavy casualties. The one thing certain is that the incident constitutes an escalation of one of the world’s most serious potential hotspots. The Indian rupee lost 0.6%, and […] More

Dollar and Euro Charge Upward

January 29, 2015

The dollar edged 0.1% lower against the euro but has advanced 2.0% against the Swiss franc, 1.9% relative to the Aussie dollar, 1.0% vis-a-vis the kiwi, 0.9% against the loonie and 0.7% against the yen and sterling. The 10-year British gilt slipped four basis points and the 10-year German bund dipped a basis point.  The […] More

Thanksgiving Day 2014

November 27, 2014

Markets will lack the usual leadership of the U.S. trading presence, but some interesting data were released earlier. Germany’s unemployment stayed at a record low of 6.6% in November.  14K fewer workers were without work, which was a surprise to forecasters. German consumer price inflation slowed to 0.6% in November from 0.8% in the three […] More

After the Taper and Before the GDP Release

January 30, 2014

The Federal Reserve reduced its QE3 stimulus for a second time on Wednesday, and now investors await today’s release of 4Q U.S. GDP data as well as weekly jobless insurance claims and monthly pending home sales. Many overseas economic statistics were also released.  China’s five-day-long Lunar New Year celebration begins tonight.  Several other Asian markets […] More

Many Data Releases as Midyear Draws Near

June 27, 2013

Stocks rallied further in Asia but not Europe.  Share prices increased 3.0% in Japan, 2.9% in South Korea, 3.4% in the Philippines, 1.9% in Indonesia, 1.8% in India, 1.7% in Australia, and 1.3% in Taiwan but slid 0.4% in China and Singapore.  Equities in Europe are down 1.0% in Spain and 0.1% in Italy, unchanged […] More

Improved Market Psychology

September 27, 2012

Share prices, commodities, commodity-sensitive currencies, and sovereign debt yields are higher as tomorrow’s business calendar quarter-end approaches. Stocks in Europe have thus far recovered 0.9% in France and Italy, 0.6% in Spain, 0.5% in Germany, and 0.4% in Great Britain. A key impetus for this turnaround came from a bigger-than-anticipated liquidity injection by the People’s […] More