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Deeper Analysis

March and the First Quarter in Figures

March 31, 2015

Sovereign debt yields fell significantly during the first quarter of 2015.  In Switzerland’s case, so did short-term interest rates.  The dollar extended its rise against the euro, sterling, and commodity-sensitive monies, was steady against the yen and yuan, and fell against the Swiss franc despite a 1.9% rise in March against that currency.  Dollar strength […] More

Foreign Exchange Insights and Next Week

Comments on the Dollar’s Performance in the First Quarter

March 31, 2015

The dollar’s rise this quarter against the euro was historic.  Appreciation at this writing stands at 12.6%, which is a larger move, up or down, than in any other first quarter since the euro was created at the start of 1999.  The past quarter’s gain represents four-fifths of the $1.3993 to $1.2097 high-low spread in […] More

Central Bank Watch

National Bank of Romania

March 31, 2015

Romania’s central bank Board today cut its policy interest rate to 2.0% from 2.25%.  This was the third straight monthly reduction and the sixth such cut in the last eight months.  The rate at end-2008 was 10.25% but cut by 400 basis points in 2009-10, 100 bps in 2011-12, 125 bps in 2013, 125 bps […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Dollar Up, Oil and European Equities Down on Final Day of the Quarter

March 31, 2015

The dollar rose overnight by 0.8% against the euro, 0.7% versus the Australian dollar, 0.6% relative to the loonie and Swiss franc, 0.3% vis-a-vis the kiwi and 0.1% against the yuan and sterling.  But the U.S. currency edged 0.1% lower versus the yen. Oil sank 2.2% to $47.62 per barrel.  Comex gold is steady at […] More