National Bank of Romania

March 31, 2015

Romania’s central bank Board today cut its policy interest rate to 2.0% from 2.25%.  This was the third straight monthly reduction and the sixth such cut in the last eight months.  The rate at end-2008 was 10.25% but cut by 400 basis points in 2009-10, 100 bps in 2011-12, 125 bps in 2013, 125 bps in 2014 and 75 bps so far this year.  In a statement released today, officials explain that the driving force behind the continuing cuts is sub-target inflation (0.4% on year versus a 1.5-3.5% objective) and a continuing negative output gap, meaning underutilized productive resources.  The Board also reduced its standing lending facility rate to 3.75% from 4.25% but left is standing deposit facility rate at 0.25%, so these now become 175 bps above and 175 bps below the policy interest rate.  Reserve requirements were not changed.

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