Market Attention on Japan and Libya

April 11, 2011

Northeast Japan was rocked by yet another 7.1 magnitude aftershock followed by new tsunami warnings. Qaddafi reportedly agreed to a cease fire proposal made by the African Union, but doubts persist that the civil war will really end in Libya. After a quarterly meeting of Bank of Japan branch managers, the assessment was downgraded for […] More

Dollar Down Despite Concern over Libya

February 23, 2011

Libya’s turmoil, where Qaddafi clings to power, should help the dollar in two ways: by spawning generalized flight to the safety of Treasury securities and by raising concern about Euroland’s troubled southern tier, which imports most of Libya’s oil exports.  Nonetheless, the dollar fell overnight by 0.7% against sterling, 0.6% versus the euro, 0.5% against […] More