Japan earthquake

Market Attention on Japan and Libya

April 11, 2011

Northeast Japan was rocked by yet another 7.1 magnitude aftershock followed by new tsunami warnings. Qaddafi reportedly agreed to a cease fire proposal made by the African Union, but doubts persist that the civil war will really end in Libya. After a quarterly meeting of Bank of Japan branch managers, the assessment was downgraded for […] More

Share Prices and Commodity Currencies Higher

March 21, 2011

Few data releases this Monday.  In Japan, which was closed for the Vernal holiday, news was mixed.  While progress was reported in cooling the damaged nuclear reactor, radiation was discovered in food and water there. Oil prices climbed 1.6% to $102.72 per barrel, as the U.S., France, and Britain engaged in missile strikes in Libya […] More

Some Bounceback Wednesday but Investors Remain on Edge

March 16, 2011

The Nikkei recovered 5.7% after slumping some 20% in the wake of Friday’s earthquake.  Stocks also climbed 1.8% in South Korea, 1.1% in India, 1.4% in China, 0.9% in Singapore and 0.7% in Australia.  However, the German Dax and Hong Kong market edged just 0.1% higher, and stocks in France and Britain have lost a […] More