Euroland trade

Dollar and Stocks Continue to Slide

November 15, 2017

Dollar losses overnight amounted to 0.7% against the yen, 0.5% versus the euro, 0.4% vis-a-vis the Swiss franc and kiwi, 0.3% relative to the yuan, 0.2% against the peso and 0.1% versus sterling. The yen touched a 4-week high, and the euro moved back above its January 1999 starting level. Ten-year sovereign debt yields are […] More

Share Prices Post Further Gains

October 16, 2012

Markets were less risk averse this Tuesday.  Speculation persists that Spain will request aid, a condition for activating unlimited ECB bond buying.  It’s debate night in America.  Investors await several U.S. and Canadian statistics this morning. Share prices in Europe have risen 1.2% in Spain, 0.7% in Germany, and 0.5% in Italy, France and Great […] More

Weekend Elections in Greece and France

June 15, 2012

Greek elections on Sunday have captivated the market’s attention.  G20 sources claim that central banks have contingency plans to handle inadequate market liquidity afterward.  Investors have to wonder if the reports are adequate and if officials really have the means to combat market volatility. France holds the second round of parliamentary elections on Sunday as […] More