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Continuing Resurgence of Equities and a Moderately Stronger Dollar, Too

February 5, 2020

Share prices climbed overnight by another 1.3% in China, 1.2% in Japan, 1.4% in Singapore, 1.0% in Indonesia and 0.9% in India and New Zealand. European gains thus far amount to 1.4% in Germany, 1.5% in Spain, 0.9% in France, and 0.6% in Great Britain. In the U.S., the DJIA is 1.1% higher, currently, and […] More

Tuesday’s Resilience in U.S. Stocks Doesn’t Prevent More Weakness in Asian and European Share Prices Today

September 5, 2018

Global investors are nervous for several reasons: Emerging market economies squeezed by trade tensions and Fed tightening. The possibility of a U.S. government shutdown over Trump’s insistence on funding for a Mexican border wall. A new book depicting the Trump Administration on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Unresolved geopolitical hot spots. Seasonal concerns. In […] More

Sterling Strengthens… Emerging Market Currencies Slide

June 5, 2018

Sterling advanced 0.4% overnight against the dollar, buoyed by better-than-forecast British service sector and composite purchasing manager indices in May that rose to 3-month highs of 54.0 and 54.3, respectively. The dollar also edged down 0.1% against versus the yuan and yen but climbed 0.4% and 0.3% relative to the Australian and Canadian dollars and […] More

Volatile Markets in Aftermath of Republican Big Win

November 5, 2014

Republicans retook control of the Senate and will hold at least 52 of the 100 seats.  Republicans defended the House of Representatives where they will hold at least 56% of the seats.  Republicans also will control 5/8ths of the state governorships.  In more cases than not where Republicans won, the margin of victory was greater […] More

Lots of New Information to be Absorbed Today

July 3, 2014

The ECB’s refinancing rate, marginal lending rate, and deposit rate were left unchanged at 0.15%, 0.40% and -0.10%.  Draghi’s press conference at 12:30 GMT is awaited for clues on forward rate guidance and details on how bank lending might be stimulated. Because of Friday’s Independence Day holiday, the monthly U.S. labor force survey gets released […] More

Stocks Down, Swiss National Bank Attacks Franc Strength

August 3, 2011

Calling the franc “massively overvalued at present,” Swiss monetary officials implemented a zero interest rate policy and announced other steps to flood domestic money liquidity.  Further measures were promised “if needed” in this effort.  The Swissy is 1.1% weaker against the dollar. Share prices in the Pacific Basin fell by 2.6% in Australia and South Korea, […] More