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Bracing for Hurricane Florence, Higher Tariffs, More Fed Restraint and Ultimately Inflation

September 12, 2018

The Carolinas are expected to be slammed by a storm of historical proportions with 100+ MPH winds, a huge storm surge, and Harvey-like rainfall. Landfall is predicted late Thursday/early Friday. President Trump has hinted that a colossal new round of tariffs may be announced this week. The Federal Open Market Committee’s next policy meeting is […] More

Dollar Firmer Especially against Sterling

March 14, 2017

The British parliament granted Prime Minister permission to activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty later this month. Doing so will begin a two-year countdown to negotiate terms and complete the process of leaving the European Union. The dollar advanced 0.8% against the pound in response. The dollar has also risen 0.2% against the euro, […] More

A Weaker Euro but a Stronger Yen

January 14, 2015

The euro fell to a nine-year low of $1.1727.  The yen, in contrast, climbed as high as 116.64 per dollar and 137.0 per euro and is at present 0.8% above Tuesday’s closing level against the U.S. currency.  The dollar otherwise has risen 0.6% against the kiwi, 0.5% versus the Australian dollar, 0.2% vis-a-vis the loonie […] More

Greater Investor Optimism

May 14, 2014

Hope is rising that policy steps will be taken in China to support property values. The Bank of England’s quarterly Inflation Report is not as hawkish as some were expecting.  Although projected a bigger decline in unemployment than seen in the February report, officials maintained a 3.4% 2014 growth forecast and anticipate inflation over the […] More

Ukraine Crisis Keeps Equities on Offer

April 14, 2014

At Russia’s initiative, the U.N. Security Council debated the Ukraine crisis but made no progress toward fashioning a cool-down there.  Stocks began the week with losses of 1.3% in Australia, 0.6% in Taiwan and New Zealand, and 0.4% in Japan and India.  In Europe, equities are down 1.6% in Russia, 1.7% in Spain, 0.9% in […] More

Markets Accepting the Message that Fed Tapering Will Continue

February 12, 2014

Janet Yellen’s message had two parts.  First, the onset of a rising federal funds rate remains far away and the economy remains vulnerable.  Second, a measured pace of quantitative easing will not be halted except in the case that the economy seems to be veering sharply below expectations, that is toward recession.  This message was […] More

Equity Sell-Off Continues

January 14, 2014

In Japan, whose market was closed Monday for Coming of Age Day, the Nikkei-225 slumped 490 points or 3.1%.  Equities in Europe are down 0.5% in Germany, 0.4% in Spain and France, 0.3% in Italy and 0.2% in Britain.  Other Pacific Rim stock markets recorded losses of 1.5% in Australia, 0.7% in New Zealand, 0.4% […] More