Japanese business sentiment

Bracing for Hurricane Florence, Higher Tariffs, More Fed Restraint and Ultimately Inflation

September 12, 2018

The Carolinas are expected to be slammed by a storm of historical proportions with 100+ MPH winds, a huge storm surge, and Harvey-like rainfall. Landfall is predicted late Thursday/early Friday. President Trump has hinted that a colossal new round of tariffs may be announced this week. The Federal Open Market Committee’s next policy meeting is […] More

Markets Continue to React to Friday’s Good U.S. Jobs Report

March 12, 2018

Equity markets made broad gains in the Pacific Rim, advancing 2.0% in Hong Kong, 1.8% in India, 1.7% in Japan, 1.6% in Singapore, 1.3% in Taiwan, 1.1% in Indonesia and New Zealand, 1.0% in South Korea, and 0.6% in China and Australia. Likewise, stocks are up 1.8% in Greece, 0.7% in Germany, 0.6% in Spain, […] More

Markets React Calmly to Terrorist Explosion in NYC

December 11, 2017

A bomb carried by Bangladeshi suicide bomber seems to have exploded prematurely at the New York Port Authority bus terminal at around 07:30 am this morning, producing only 3 minor injuries other than to the Terrorist assailant. Compared to Friday closing levels, the dollar is down 1.2% versus the kiwi, 0.6% relative to the yen, […] More

Comparatively Quiet Markets

September 11, 2013

In the wake of President Obama’s address on Syria, the dollar is unchanged against the Swissie, kiwi and yuan, up 0.1% versus the euro and Australian dollar, and down 0.2% relative to sterling and the loonie and by 0.1% against the yen.  Sterling touched an intra-day high of $1.5827, a 7-month peak. The Nikkei did […] More