British industrial production

Bear Market Time for Equities But A Grand Time for the Dollar

June 13, 2022

Last Friday’s U.S. CPI report that revealed a 485-month high 8.6% rate of inflation exceeded expectations and drove a big nail into hopes that a return to in-target inflation can be restored in a sustained way without going through an economic recession. The Federal Open Market Committee will announce another interest rate hike this Wednesday. […] More

This Year’s 9-11 Anniversary Finds America in Even Worse Condition than 19 Years Ago

September 11, 2020

The United States suffered its worst military attack since Pearl Harbor on September 11, 2001, a solemn occasion that on each ensuing anniversary has become a sacred moment of remembrance. By late 1960, nineteen years after Pearl Harbor. America was king of the world. After an equal span of time, September 11, 2020 finds the […] More

Less Risk Aversion than Yesterday

June 12, 2020

Friday has seen another wide reversal in share price direction. The stock markets in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Britain so far show daily advances of 2.0%, 1.6%, 1.5%, 1.4% and 1.3%. The shift following Thursday’s big declines occurred after overnight trading in the Pacific Rim where equities fell by 2.2% in New Zealand, 1.9% […] More

British and Chinese Currencies Weaken at Start of a New Week

January 13, 2020

Sterling fell 0.6% against the dollar overnight. British industrial production, down 1.2%, posted the largest monthly decline in seven months during November and was 1.6% lower than a year earlier. Factory output dropped 1.7% on month and 2.0% on year. November’s monthly measure of U.K. GDP showed a 0.3% decline and the smallest 12-month rate […] More

Little Overnight Change in the Dollar

December 10, 2019

The dollar rose 0.3% against sterling and the Australian dollar but shows nil overnight change otherwise. Stocks were narrowly mixed in the Pacific Rim and are down slightly in Europe. There been little share price movement in the U.S. thus far today. Ten-year sovereign debt yields firmed three basis points in Great Britain as the […] More

Week Opens with A Focus on U.K. and Global Equity Selloff

December 10, 2018

After the European Court of Justice ruled that Britain has the right to unilaterally revoke plans to leave the EU without the permission of other members, British Prime Minister cancelled tomorrow’s scheduled vote on her Brexit plan. She lacks the votes. Several released British data today underscore the huge toll that Brexit and domestic political […] More

Continuing Stock Market Jitters

February 9, 2018

Equities lost 4.1% in China, 3.6% in Hong Kong, 2.3% in Japan, 1.8% in South Korea. They are down 0.9% in France and 0.7% in the U.K. and Germany. After yesterday’s second 1000+ point daily drop of this week, the DOW initially rose today but now shows a decline of nearly 200 points. It’s taken […] More

Global Equities and Sovereign Debt Prices Drop Further

November 10, 2017

Share prices around the Pacific Rim declined 0.8% (or 187 points) in Japan, 0.7% in New Zealand, and 0.3% in Australia, South Korea and Indonesia. European markets are down 0.8% in Greece, 0.4% in Spain, and 0.3% in the U.K., France and Switzerland, but the German Dax and Milan exchange are unchanged. A narrowly mixed […] More

A Focus on Central Banks

September 7, 2016

Money markets are discounting only a one in four likelihood that the fed funds rate gets hiked on September 21 despite hawkish remarks overnight from San Francisco Fed President John Williams, who voiced confidence in current U.S. economic conditions and opined that moving sooner is better than doing so later. The Fed’s Beige Book of […] More

Abrupt Reversal of Tuesday’s Stock Market Rally

May 11, 2016

Share prices in Europe have so far fallen Wednesday by 2.2% in Italy, 1.6% in Spain, 1.3% in Greece, 1.0% in France, 0.8% in Germany and 0.1% in the U.K.. Earlier in the Pacific Rim, stocks fell 0.7% in India, 0.4% in Hong Kong, 0.3% in Taiwan and Singapore and 0.1% in South Korea but […] More