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Deeper Analysis

October 2022 in Figures

November 1, 2022

In an otherwise dismal year for equities, share prices bounced sharply higher in October. In this revival, the British market and technology sector lagged. Among the major central banks shown in the table below, only the European Central Bank, which matched September’s 75-basis point rate hike, changed its key interest rate. But among other monetary […] More

Central Bank Watch

Australian and Armenian Central Bank Hikes

November 1, 2022

Two other central banks have raised interest rates today. One is the Central Bank of Armenia, whose refinancing rate now goes up 50 basis points  10.5%. From a pandemic low of 4.25%, the rate rose to 5.25% by end-2020, 7.75% by end-2021, and 275 additional basis points thus far in 2022 and to its highest […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Investors Heartened by Unconfirmed Social Media Reports that Chinese Covid Restrictions Will Be Relaxed Soon

November 1, 2022

Stock markets in the Pacific Rim soared 5.2% in Hong Kong, 2.6% in China, 1.7% in Australia, 1.8% in South Korea, and 1.2% in Singapore. Japan’s Nikkei firmed only 0.3%, by contrast, but equities in German, France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy are all trading 1-2% higher so far today. U.S. future point to a […] More