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Central Bank Watch

Hungarian Monetary Policy Stance Left Unchange

May 28, 2019

Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s base rate has been at 0.90% since a 15 basis point reduction three years ago. The overnight deposit rate was raised 10 basis points two months ago to minus 0.05% in a move that reversed a cut of 10 bps in September 2017. Monetary officials at the central bank remain satisfied that […] More

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Tariff War Concerns Rattle Investors

May 28, 2019

President Trump’s predisposition to fight a tariff war that he believes is winnable depressed the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield below 2.30% to its lowest level since October 2017 and weighed on European and Asian share prices. Equities fell 1.1% in Indonesia, 0.4% in New Zealand and 0.2% in Taiwan and Singapore. Stocks in Europe have […] More