Few Red Sox Weaknesses

July 16, 2018

The Red Sox reached Major League baseball’s all-star game break with a combination of relentless hitting and a stable of top pitchers.

The Sox sport a team batting average of 0.272, 0.011 better than the next highest BA in the American league, and they have the hitters with the top and third highest individual batting averages in the league. J.D. Martinez leads the American League in both home runs (29) and runs batted in (80). The team’s collective on-base plus slugging percentage for the Red Sox of 0.801 is also best in the league, and with a run total of 530 the team has scored 30 more runs than the next best total.

According to Cy Young award voting each year for best pitcher in the American league, the Red Sox have the best pitcher from 2012 (David Price), the best pitcher from 2016 in Rick Porcello, and the second best pitcher from 2017 (Chris Sale). The top relief pitcher on the Red Sox has permitted just 1.77 earned runs per nine innings and has converted 30 of 32 save opportunities into wins.

Can the Sox be stopped? Well, one counter-argument to the team’s amazing success so far that includes a 17-2 won-loss record to start the season and a 12-2 record in July prior to the all-star break is that the team’s opponents so far have been less challenging than the schedule of opponents that some other teams have faced. More on that in the next post of this feature.

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