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Central Bank Watch

No Turkish Interest Rate Hike This Month

July 24, 2018

Amid a vicious circle of currency depreciation and accelerating inflation, policymakers at the Central Bank of Turkey had hiked their benchmark interest rate by 75 basis points in April, 300 bps at an unscheduled conference on May 24, and 125 bps on June 7. This restraint had slowed but not halted market trends. Inflation rose […] More

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Turkish Lira Slumps while Global Equities Perform Better

July 24, 2018

Turkey’s sharp monetary tightening in May and June was unexpectedly not extended further this month, and the lira fell as much as 4% today. Turkish bond prices also fell sharply. Turkey’s 14-year CPI inflation high of 15.4% is still cresting. In yet another state under authoritarian rule, Hungary’s central bank also left monetary policy unchanged […] More