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Central Bank Watch

FOMC Minutes

May 23, 2018

Comments within the May 1-2 minutes┬áregarding U.S. economic conditions and prospects are unsurprising and embody little change. The labor market is strengthening, GDP growth is moderately paced, and inflation is hovering not far from target. One excerpt always of interest is the language on likely future monetary policy: With regard to the medium-term outlook for […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Three-Pronged Blow to European Confidence

May 23, 2018

Italy is poised to get a populist, anti-euro, anti-austerity, and pro-Russia governing coalition. Being the third largest economy to use the euro, this development poses an existential risk to the common European currency that is far greater than the debt problems of Greece. Ten-year sovereign debt yields rose 10 basis points today in Italy in […] More