U.S. recessions

Recessionary Forces at Play in the United States

September 27, 2011

In the see-sawing ride of world share prices, this week has seen impressive and welcome upward movement following last week’s significant downsizing.  Optimism that a workable resolution of the European debt crisis has been the catalyst, although the basis for that optimism remains very fragile. The other critical problem for the world economy is the […] More

Stock Market Declines Associated with Recessions

August 20, 2011

U.S. recessions are inevitably associated with weakening share prices.  A recession from December 1969 to January 1970 saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average drop 35.9% from 985 on December 3, 1968 to 631 on May 26, 1970.  The next recession occurred between November 1973 and March 1975.  The DOW fell 45.1% from 1,052 on January […] More

Double-Dip Recessions – Part Two

August 12, 2010

I posted an an article on this site eight days ago presenting the results of an examination into the frequency of “double-dip recessions” in the United States.  That article noted their rare occurrence — only three in the nineteenth century and two more in the last century — and pointed out that single recessions are […] More

Double-Dip Recessions Happen Extremely Rarely in the United States

August 4, 2010

Based on their actual frequency, double-dip recessions are easier to imagine than to produce.  In the early recovery stage of an economic expansion, investors invariably wonder and analysts often warn about the possibility of a quick relapse into a new economic downturn, or what’s popularly called a double-dip recession.  An interval of one year or […] More