U.S. jobless claims

Disconnection Thursday Between Recessionary Data and Buoyant Stocks

May 7, 2020

Equities were mixed in Asia but have risen more impressively in Europe this morning. There were drops of 0.8% in India, 0.7% in Hong Kong and 0.2% in China but advances of 0.6% in Taiwan, 0.3% in Japan and 0.5% in New Zealand. The British Ftse, German Dax, and Paris Cac each have risen at […] More

Beyond the Taper

December 19, 2013

In the wake of yesterday’s Federal Reserve “taper” initiative, the dollar is higher, the yen is softer, 10-year sovereign debt yields are up, U.S. share prices are holding onto most of their gains, European stocks have rallied, and perhaps most dramatically of all, gold has plunged another 3.3% and is below $1200 per ounce. New […] More

Global Growth Worries Continue to Lift Euro and Swissy and Depress Equities

June 2, 2011

Markets continue to reel from Wednesday’s discouraging data.  U.S. jobless insurance claims released today added to that funk. Stocks fell 1.7% in Japan, 1.6% in Hong Kong and China, 2.3% in Australia, and 1.3% in South Korea.  The Paris Cac, German Dax, and British Ftse have declined so far by an additional 1.1%, 1.0%, and […] More

Firmer Equities, Softer Dollar but Not Against the Yen

August 26, 2010

Stocks in the Pacific Rim advanced by 0.8% in Australia and Malaysia, 0.7% in Japan, and 0.3% in China and India.  In Europe, the Paris Cac and British Ftse are 0.7% stronger, and the German Dax has edged 0.4% higher. Dollar/yen is steady at 84.60.  Together the two currencies lost 0.5% against the euro, sterling, […] More