U.S. 2016 election

It’s All about the U.S. Election Today

November 8, 2016

Today will be a day for biting nails and watching the voting returns. Final opinion polls only gave Clinton a very narrow popular vote lead. Impossible to underestimate how much lies at stake. While yesterday was a sigh of relief for the market, today’s mood among investors is one more anxious and guarded. Gold is […] More

Reflections on the Surprising Results of the Iowa Caucus

February 2, 2016

Ted Cruz, who recently turned 45, upset the perceived front-runner, Donald Trump, to win the Republican race.  Trained as a lawyer and formerly a Solicitor General of Texas, Cruz won a U.S. senate seat in the November 2012 election as an underdog with Tea Party support.  My misgivings about his candidacy are several: Cruz is […] More