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Equity Sell-Off Intensifies

May 9, 2022

An investor flight to safety gathered further pace amid inflation fears and expectations that central banks will need to speed up their pace of monetary tightening. When the FOMC after its first meeting in 2022 signaled that interest rate increases were coming soon, the thinking was that the central bank would change the rate in […] More

Stronger Dollar, Weaker Equities, Softer Gold Price But Rebound in Oil

July 19, 2018

The dollar climbed overnight by 0.8% to a one-year high against the Chinese yuan. The greenback also gained 1.0% relative to the kiwi, 0.9% vis-a-vis the peso, 0.8% versus the Australian dollar, 0.6% against sterling, 0.5% versus the loonie and 0.3% against the euro and Swiss franc. Dollar/yen is unchanged. Stocks dropped 0.9% in Hong […] More