Stronger Euro, Weaker Yen

March 3, 2016

The dollar rose as high as JPY 114.28 overnight, its strongest level since February 15.  It’s off that high currently but still up 0.4% on balance.  At the same time, the U.S. currency shows overnight losses of 0.6% against the New Zealand and Australian dollars, 0.4% versus the euro, 0.3% relative to the Swiss franc […] More

Continuing Choppy Forex Conditions Fed by Uncertainty

October 19, 2012

Market noise continues to drown out an sense of cumulating trend.  Key dollar pairs against the euro, yen, Swiss franc, sterling, Australian and New Zealand currencies are each trading presently less than 2.0% from their year-to-date average levels.  The same is even true of the euro-yen relationship in spite of its 18.5%-wide 111.435 to 94.075 […] More