Norwegian GDP

Dollar Softens but Stocks Take a Step Back ahead of U.S. Data

November 17, 2020

The dollar overnight lost 0.5% against sterling and the Chinese yuan, 0.3% relative to the yen, 0.2% versus the euro, Swiss franc and loonie, and 0.1% vis-a-vis the Australian dollar. Share prices had closed down 0.2% in China and South Korea and are currently down 1.2% in the U.K. and Spain, 0.4% in Germany and  […] More

Markets Unsure of Implications of Reopening Economies

May 12, 2020

Markets seems to have entered an indecisive phase as politicians weigh pros and cons of reopening business activities. The dollar lost modest ground overnight, falling 0.2% against the yuan, yen, euro and sterling and by 0.1% relative to the Swiss franc. The dollar fell more significantly against the kiwi (0.6%) and Australian dollar (0.4%) but […] More