Somewhat Better-Than-Forecast Chinese Data Lifts European Equities

July 16, 2014

Stock markets in Europe have risen so far today by 1.6% in Italy, 1.4% in France, 1.2% in Germany and Spain, 0.9% in Britain and 0.8% in Switzerland. Stocks in the Pacific Rim did not immediately respond to stronger-than-expected Chinese GDP and industrial production, as investors at first concluded that the government in Beijing would […] More


July 13, 2011

Round one of the July Humphrey-Hawkins testimony revealed little that wasn’t already obvious from known information, such as lackluster economic data trends and past Fed communications like the latest FOMC minutes and the Chairman’s press conference last month.  The FOMC bias continues to err on the side of insufficient growth in jobs and GDP.  Growth […] More