November in Figures

November 30, 2018

Share prices were highly volatile in November, closing higher in the U.S., Japan and Canada but lower in Great Britain and the euro area. Ten-year sovereign debt yields declined in all the economies examined in this monthly feature. None of the central bank rates among these economies changed key interest rates. Among developing economies, however, […] More

July in Figures

July 31, 2018

Net dollar movement against currencies in other well-developed economies was modest in July, but the U.S. currency extended gains against developing country monies. The rise in long-term U.S. interest rates pulled up other sovereign debt yields, blunting the impact on rate differentials. The Bank of Canada was the only central bank examined for this update […] More

May in Figures

May 31, 2018

The dollar rose over 3% in May against the euro and sterling and by about 1% against the yuan and Canadian dollar but slipped fractionally relative to the yen, loonie and Australian dollar. Ten-year sovereign debt yields had risen in April but declined in May. Share prices rose in the U.K., Canada and United States, […] More

June in Figures

June 28, 2013

It’s been quite a month and quite a quarter for world financial markets.  Long-term interest rates rose sharply in the quarter, but note that Abenomics succeeded in preventing JGB yields from climbing further in June even as rates elsewhere continued their ascent.  The Australian and New Zealand dollars were especially weak in both the quarter […] More

November in Figures

November 30, 2012

Ten-year yields fell in November, whereas short-term rates were steady.  The dollar hardly changed on balance except in the case of the yen, which appreciated 3.3%.  U.S. equities under-performed other stock markets.  Japan’s Nikkei advanced 5.8%.  West Texas Intermediate crude oil prices climbed 3.1%, while gold closed the month 0.4% lower on balance. 10-Yr Yield […] More

February in Figures

February 28, 2011

Very little net movement in either long- or short-term interest rates occurred during the four weeks of February.  The dollar on balance performed even more weakly than in January, and stocks did better, preserving a long-established tendency for equities and the dollar to behave inversely.  One currency that did worse than the U.S. dollar was […] More