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Sanguine Market tone Amid Data Deluge

November 29, 2011

Stocks and commodities are mostly higher, and the dollar has given back more ground.  Italian sovereign debt auctions fetched much higher yields but were mostly subscribed.  EU finance ministers meet today in Brussels ahead of the semi-annual leaders summit on December 9.  One piece of key unfinished business concerns the details over how to enlarge […] More

Dollar Softer Across the Board

July 29, 2010

Overnight the dollar lost 1.2% against the Swiss franc, 1.1% against the Australian dollar, 0.7% against the Canadian dollar and euro, 0.5% against the yen, 0.3% relative to sterling and 0.2% against the kiwi.  The dollar even dipped 0.03% against the yuan. The Japanese Nikkei lost 0.6%, and stocks dipped 0.2% in South Korea and […] More