commodity prices

Commodity Prices Soar

March 7, 2022

The prices of WTI oil and wheat — the two main exports of Ukraine and Russia — have posted overnight jumps of 6.2% and 7% as Nato allies are reportedly considering an embargo on imports of Russian energy. Gold briefly poked above $2000 per ounce overnight for the first time in a year and a […] More

February 2021 in Figures

February 27, 2021

Extreme financial market volatility on the final business day of February exerted a significant effect on monthly changes shown in the table below. The ten-year U.S. Treasury yield, for example, plunged from last week’s 12-month high of 1.61% to 1.40% at yesterday’s close, and the prices of oil and gold sank 3.2% and 2.6% on […] More

Commodities and European Stocks Rocked by More Selling Pressure

February 8, 2016

West Texas Intermediate oil fell 2% overnight to $30.20 per barrel.  Copper lost 2.6%, platinum plunged over 8.0%, and nickel hit a 12+ year low. Share prices in Europe are down 7.3% in Greece, 2.5% in Germany, 2.4% in Spain, 2.3% in France, 1.7% in the U.K. and 1.5% in Switzerland and Italy. In the […] More

November in Figures

November 29, 2014

In November, long-term interest rates fell sharply, and oil prices plunged nearly 20%.  Most equity markets but not Germany‚Äôs appreciated, and so did the dollar against most other currencies.  Gold closed little changed on balance. 10-Yr Yield 10/31/14 10/31/14 Chg vs End-Oct U.S. 2.33% 2.16 -17 Basis Points Germany 084% 0.70% -14 Japan 0.45% 0.41% […] More

July in Figures

July 31, 2012

European interest rates fell sharply at the short and long end in July.  The U.S. yield curve flattened.  The dollar fell against commodity-sensitive currencies and the yen, advanced against the euro and Swiss franc, and closed virtually unchanged against sterling and the Chinese yuan.  Net movements in oil and gold prices were comparatively small especially […] More