commodity currencies.

Euro Surprising the Pessimists

February 24, 2012

The better recent performance of the euro is subject to varying interpretations.  The EUR/USD is the best currency-against-currency barometer of sentiment toward the U.S. economy and dollar, so euro appreciation can simply reflect a vote of lessening confidence in the United States.  Or because the dollar is the most favored safe haven in the family […] More

Strength of Commodity Currencies Belies High Concern about Global Growth

September 10, 2010

Many major currency relationships have been tightly confined lately.  The yen got a boost when Chinese officials unhinged the yuan from the dollar in mid-June, even though many weeks passed with China’s currency acting as if it were still pegged to the greenback.  With an eye toward diversification, the Chinese have become bigger and steadier […] More

Currency Markets Wrapping up Quarter One of 2010

March 26, 2010

First-quarterend 2010 coincides with the Easter and Passover holiday, a time of thinning volume.  1Q10 was a good period for the dollar and a bad one for the euro and sterling.  Dollar/yen marked time around the big figure of 90.0 as U.S.-Sino tensions over the yuan intensified.  After steep losses against commodity-sensitive currencies in 2009, […] More