Australian trade

Concern Reintensifies about Greek Debt

May 5, 2015

Greek share prices fell 3.5%, and the Greek 10-year sovereign debt yield jumped 22 basis points. New quarterly GDP forecasts released by the European Commission revised projected Greek growth in 2015 to 0.5% from 2.5% previously but bumped up the eurozone projected growth rate to 1.5% from 1.3%.  Growth is expected to reach 3.6% in […] More

Continuing Investor Worries over European Political Shifts

May 8, 2012

Movement overnight in the dollar and yen reflect European-Inspired risk aversion.  Japan’s currency is 0.2% stronger against the dollar, which otherwise has climbed 0.5% against the Australian and New Zealand dollars, 0.4% versus the loonie, 0.2% relative to the euro and sterling and 0.1% against the Swiss franc.  The yuan is unchanged and slightly above […] More

Relentless Concern about Europe

January 5, 2012

Risk aversion is persisting.  It can be seen in an 0.8% overnight drop of the euro against the dollar.  The euro traded below its 2011 low.  The dollar also gained 0.8% against the Swissie and kiwi, 1.1% versus the Australian dollar, and 0.6% vis-a-vis the loonie and sterling.  The greenback even edged 0.1% higher against […] More