Persistent Worry about Greece and Other Peripherals

February 7, 2012

Greek Prime Minister Papademos is to hold more meetings with the main political factions today, as a deal on austerity remains elusive.  Concern is also mounting that Portugal may default, too. Following massive yen sales on October 31 totaling JPY 8.072 trillion, Japan’s Ministry of Finance intervened covertly each of the first four days in […] More

Relentless Concern about Europe

January 5, 2012

Risk aversion is persisting.  It can be seen in an 0.8% overnight drop of the euro against the dollar.  The euro traded below its 2011 low.  The dollar also gained 0.8% against the Swissie and kiwi, 1.1% versus the Australian dollar, and 0.6% vis-a-vis the loonie and sterling.  The greenback even edged 0.1% higher against […] More