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Foreign Exchange Insights and Next Week

Next Week’s Menu: December 25 – 31, 2021

December 24, 2021

Central Banks: No central bank policy reviews among major central banks are scheduled for the final week of 2021. A summary of the discussion at the last  Bank of Japan Board meeting will be published. Holidays: Several countries such as the U.K., Canada, Australia, Italy and Switzerland will be observing Boxing Day early in the […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

All Quiet on Christmas Eve 2021

December 24, 2021

With Christmas falling on a Saturday, most countries are observing a holiday closure this Friday. The biggest news story continues to be the Omicron strain of Covid-19, which has lifted the 7-day U.S. average case total slightly past 186k and the single day case numbers on December 23rd to around 265,000 in the United States […] More