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Central Bank Watch

Bank of Russia Retains Key 10.0% Interest Rate

October 28, 2016

Two 50-basis point interest rate cuts have already been implemented this year in June and September on top of 600 basis points of easing done during the first seven months of 2015. A decision at this month’s meeting not to ease further in 2016 is defended, however, on the grounds that a slowdown in inflation […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Nervous Market Undertone

October 28, 2016

With the fast-approaching monthend, the usual heavy flow of data releases is being digested. Investors are in a guarded mood with just over a week left before the U.S. election. The Fed is widely expected to raise interest rates soon. The BOJ, meeting Monday and Tuesday is not expected to modify its stance. The first […] More