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Central Bank Watch

New Zealand’s Official Cash Rate Sliced 25 Basis Points to 2.0%

August 10, 2016

Four  sentences from a statement released by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand explain why the OCR was cut today and the likely direction of the next interest rate change. Weak global conditions and low interest rates relative to New Zealand are placing upward pressure on the New Zealand dollar exchange rate. Headline inflation is being […] More

Larry's Blog

Gun Control and the Second Amendment

August 10, 2016

Today’s press is full of editorials about Donald Trump’s allegedly coded suggestion that gun owners take matters into their own hands to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president by exercising their second amendment rights, as Giuseppe Zangara tried to do to President-Elect Roosevelt in February 1933. Subsequently, Sirhan Sirhan in June 1968 and Arthur Bremer in […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Lower Dollar as Hopes Dim over Nearness of Next Federal Reserve Rate Hike

August 10, 2016

Today’s main financial theme is the persistent weakness of global growth.  The 10-year British gilt yield fell six basis points to a new record low of 0.52% in the U.K. versus 1.43% at the end of May. Ten-year German bund and Japanese JGB yields are 2 basis points lower and each quite negative at -0.10% […] More