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Foreign Exchange Insights and Next Week

Maybe 2014 Was As Good as It Gets

January 6, 2015

Last year was arguably the dollar’s best-performing year in the last four decades.  On a yearend to yearend basis, 2014 was one of only three years for which the dollar posted double-digit advances against both the yen and Europe’s dominant currency (the Dmark until 1998 and the euro thereafter).  The other two examples were 1997 […] More

Deeper Analysis

Performance Gap between U.S. and Euroland Narrowed Last Month

January 6, 2015

As in manufacturing reported last Friday, the respective U.S. and euro area service-sector purchasing manager surveys from December indicate a significantly reduced U.S. advantage.   The 4.6-point spread last month is down from a differential of 8.2 points in November and at its narrowest width since July.  The manufacturing PMI spread had declined from 8.6 points […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Mixture of Market Signals as PMIs Provide Some Relief

January 6, 2015

Yesterday’s market volatility continued in some respects. Share prices fell overnight by 3.0% in Japan, 3.1% in India, 2.4% in Taiwan, 1.6% in Australia, 1.7% in South Korea, 1.4% in Singapore and 1.0% in Hong Kong. In U.S. Treasury futures, the 30-year yield slid another two basis points lower to 2.58%, and the 10-year yield […] More