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Deeper Analysis

October in Figures

October 31, 2013

Share prices strengthened in October with the notable exception of Japan.  Long-term interest rates subsided further, while short-term rates remained steady and well below the long rates.  The dollar closed narrowly mixed, and gold posted a minuscule dip.  Oil prices fell around 6% and swung back below $100 per barrel. 10-Yr Yield 09/30/13 10/31/13 Chg […] More

Foreign Exchange Insights and Next Week

In the Eye of the Storm

October 31, 2013

Could it be that this is the eye of a market storm?  To the rear lies the worst accident to GDP and employment growth since the 1930s, an event from which advanced economies never fully recovered.  Lately, emerging nations like India seem under the weather, but economic prospects for the most part appear constructive.  Assumptions […] More

Central Bank Watch

BOJ Meeting and Semi-Annual Report

October 31, 2013

An An abbreviated statement was released following the Bank of Japan Board’s second meeting in October at which officials agreed to stay the course of a policy of quantitative and qualitative easing that was launched almost seven months earlier with the purpose of doubling the monetary base by March 2015 and raising such a a […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Stocks Soften in the Pacific Rim after FOMC and RBNZ Statements

October 31, 2013

Share prices fell 1.4% in China, South Korea and Indonesia.  Japan’s Nikkei lost 1.2% on the final day of October, and equities slipped 0.6% in Singapore and Malaysia, 0.4% in Hong Kong, 0.2% in Taiwan and 0.1% in Australia.  In Europe, the British Ftse and German Dax show losses of 0.5% and 0.2%, while stocks […] More