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Central Bank Watch

Bank of Canada Preview

July 18, 2011

The Bank of Canada will most likely announce at 13:00 GMT Tuesday a decision not to raise its 1.0% overnight money rate target, which has been at 1.0% since early September 2010 following three consecutive 25-basis point increases.  World financial markets are too fragile to risk a hike now even if that were otherwise appropriate.  […] More

Deeper Analysis

North American Capital Flows

July 18, 2011

Statistics Canada and the U.S. Treasury Department each released figures on net long-term capital flows today.  Canada continued to enjoy a massive net inflow.  Foreigners bought CAD 15.4 trillion of Canadian securities in May, twice as much as the monthly pace in the first four months of this year.  Net of CAD 3.5 billion of […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Share Prices Drop Significantly Further in Europe

July 18, 2011

With Japan closed for Marine Day, stocks in the Pacific Rim were mixed, dropping 0.7% in South Korea, 0.6% in New Zealand, 0.4% in Taiwan, 0.3% in Hong Kong and India, and 0.2% in China, gaining 0.4% in Thailand and 0.2% in Indonesia, and closing unchanged in Australia.  But the mood of investors soured anew […] More